Why Escrow is not always a satisfying solution:

Traditional escrow arrangements ensure that all materials necessary for the maintenance of the software are available to the users, in case the supplier is no longer able to carry out the maintenance in accordance with agreements, for whatever reason.

For the use of on-premise software (the software is on a computer within the organization of the user) that is a satisfying solution.
If the supplier no longer exists, the (runtime) software and company data will still be available on the computer within the organization of the user.

However, when using SaaS services, (where software is purchased as a service via the Internet), the situation is very different. Not only the software but also the business data are often on a remote system in the cloud. This system is mostly not the property of the user. An “ordinary” escrow arrangement is therefore often not sufficient. In such a situation there is a very probable risk¬†that the software functionality as well as the users data are no longer available. Getting the necessary items from the escrow depot (source code, data and infrastructure description) may not take that much time, but rebuilding a SaaS environment at another provider often takes much more time. And usually more time than acceptable. When SaaS services are used for business-critical processes, the only wish is often: “to be able to continue using the SaaS service undisturbed”. Softcrow has developed the “CloudSecure” service for this. The only real solution for ensuring continuity in the Cloud.

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